Canadian Model Forest Network

What is a Model Forest?

  • A model forest brings together and forms a partnership between individuals and organizations sharing the common goal of sustainable forest management.
  • A model forest provides a unique forum where these partners can gain a greater understanding of conflicting views, share knowledge and combine expertise and resources to develop innovative, local approaches to sustainable forest management.
  • A model forest acts as a giant, hands-on laboratory in which leading-edge techniques are researched, developed, applied and monitored.
  • A model forest encompasses a working scale land base where the participants have a direct interest and influence over the uses in the forest.

The Nova Forest Alliance is one of eleven Model Forest sites in the Canadian Model Forest Network. The Canadian Forest Service, part of Natural Resources Canada, established the Canadian Model Forest Network in 1992 to address the challenge of balancing the extensive range of demands that we place on our forests today with the needs of tomorrow's generations.

The principle behind the Model Forest concept is simple, but presents a unique challenge; each model forest is made up of Partner organizations representing a very diverse range of forest values, working together to achieve sustainable forest management that allows each to preserve their own values and use of the forest.

The Nova Forest Alliance was created 1998, during the program's second phase, and has since achieved the status of a full-fledged Model Forest. The intent of Canada's Model Forest Phase II Program was to enhance Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) at the local level, to transfer knowledge regionally and nationally, and demonstrate approaches to forest management that reflect the principles of sustainable development.

Now in its second year, Phase III of the Model Forest Network initiative is focused on expanding our Phase I and II activities and research to find solutions "beyond the borders" of our initial area, mandate, and scope.

The Canadian Forest Service is the primary funding agency of the Model Forest Network and the Nova Forest Alliance. Other contributions come from all Partners in the Model Forest, and may include in-kind contributions of time, products, and expertise, while others are cash resources to carry out joint projects.

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