Governance Policies

The Nova Forest Alliance is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks. Our most recent By-Laws can be viewed here.

The Nova Forest Alliance is a partnership of individuals, organizations and industry, representing a broad range of forest sectors, all with a common interest in forest sustainability in the Maritime Region. This group, known as the Partnership Committee (also known as the Board of Directors), must meet at least two times per year, and has overall responsibility for the direction and commitments of the Nova Forest Alliance. The Partnership Committee has final authority on all financial, contractual and other matters of the Nova Forest Alliance.

Appointed by the Partnership Committee, an executive council, known as the Management Committee (also known as the Board Executive), directly handles the affairs of the NFA. The Management Committee must meet at least six times per year, and is composed of one elected member of each sector of the Partnership. Among the responsibilities of the Management Committee is the delivery of the Annual General Meeting, approval of annual workplans, the NFA’s fiscal and administrative management, and the hiring and supervision of all NFA staff.

The work of the Management Committee is supported by three sub committees: Finance, Personnel and Communications and Outreach. The Finance Committee works, in part, with the Development Officer on staff to investigate and take action on leveraging external funding required by the NFA to carry out various programs and projects. When required, the Personnel Committee makes recommendations to the Management Committee on hiring and managing NFA staff. Finally, the Communications and Outreach Committee approves the Communications Strategy and provides guidance and support to the on-staff Communications Coordinator on larger outreach initiatives. 

Under the guidance of the Management Committee, one or more Working Groups may exist to address issues on an ad hoc basis. They usually involve individuals who are directly involved with a particular project, or who have an interest in completing it.

The daily operations of the Nova Forest Alliance are carried out by three full time staff: the Communications and Administrative Coordinator, the Administrative Assistant and the Development Officer, and supported by the part-time General Manager.

Nova Forest Alliance Organizational Structure: 


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